"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s6e27)

Playlist de l'émission du 12 avril 2013:

DJ Y ALIAS JY: Need Wine & Chocolates Tonight
RYAN NELLIS: Teenage Let Down
KILL MR DJ: Fire Lights
SEBWAX: Je m'en vais avec Vlad The Impaler
ISOSINE: Wake Me Up When It's Time
DAFT BEATLES: Escape the Silence
RESONANZ KREIS: Castle of truth
SJOERSJE: Part Of Sadness
DRA'MAN: Steady as a clock
MIGHTY MIKE: Some happy nights
DIVIDE & KREATE: Hard as pop
LOO & PLACIDO: Neat Girlfriend
SEBWAX: Roadgame is everything
MICHMASH: Tout va bien

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