"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s5e26)

Playlist de l'émission du 30 mars 2012:

PHIL RETROSPECTOR: Enjoy The Rather Lovely Ride
ATHOM: Morcheeb’Attack
FISSUNIX : Happy Women Lose Weight
DRA’MAN: Keep the glass aqualung
DRA’MAN: Just the shot
DRA’MAN: Get connected in paradise
VOICEDUDUE: Somebody That I Used To Sleep With
LOO & PLACIDO: Rigby Dubstep
RILLEN RUDI: Ni ten ichy rude boy
RILLEN RUDI: Let's dance with you
RILLEN RUDI: Gagas new paparazzi

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"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s5e25)

Playlist de l'émission du 23 mars 2012:

COMAR: Get Along Away Now
CHOCOMANG: Enjoy The Heart Syndrome
MICHMASH: Karma Boulevard
FISSUNIX: We Are Jeremy
G3RST: Hell dries on its own
LOO & PLACIDO: Uprising Back
MMM: Boys No Cry
MMM: Party Rock Me All Night Long
ATHOM: Legal Run
DRA'MAN: Blood Lemonade in Paradise
SEBWAX: Rome Wasn't Built By INXS
ATHOM: Even Ways
AMORABOY: Morcheelight

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INSTRUMENTAL: INXS – “Need You Tonight ”
ACAPELLA: Morcheeba – “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”

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"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s5e24)

Playlist de l'émission du 16 mars 2012:

GHP : Ray of gob
DIVIDE & KREATE : Dubstruck
DIVIDE & KREATE : Fallen rockstar
DJ MOULE : Money for the queen
IRN MNKY : Phat afternoon
THE WHO BOYS : How many roads
MCSLEAZY : Ska-ter boi
IRN MNKY : Ordinary trousers
DJ MOULE : Riot wave
WFAH : Rock and rave queen
PILCHARD : Chunky junky
JIMMI JAMES : It just wont who
THRITSHOP XL : Dub be good to me like a record
AGGRO1 : California hustle
MCSLEAZY : Mountain theme
JIMMI JAMES : Take my heart

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INSTRUMENTAL: Sia – “Clap Your Hands”
ACAPELLA: Charlie Winston – “Like a Hobo”

"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s5e23)

Playlist de l'émission du 09 mars 2012:

MIGHTY MIKE : You’re alright
LOGO : Feel So Close To The Sun
R.A.T. : Fix You For The End
R.A.T. : Smells Like A New Divide
LOGO : Hold On Good
JUSTICE : "Justice for Annie Mac" Minimix
ROLF SCHRAA : Light My Fire Burnin It Up
DRA’MAN : The horse passenger
EARLYBIRD : Girls just wanna dance with somebody
LOO & PLACIDO : Empire Of The Shining Sun
TOTOM : Sunday Red Hot Sunday
THE HOOD INTERNET : Wale kavinsky
FRAIL LIMB PURITY & COLATRON : Childish Gambino vs. Justice
BIG BROWZER : Requiem for a tear

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"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s5e22)

Playlist de l'émission du 02 mars 2012:

DJ MIKE A: Everbody's Heroes
LOGO: Before I Used to Know
REBORN IDENTITY: This charming video game
LOGO: Set Fire to Everybody
DJ SCHMOLLI: Looks Like That's Alright
THE BOOTLEAGUE (feat. TOTOM): Are You Gonna Be my Mean Woman?
G3RST: Get up hitch a ride
MARTINN: Just Can't Dance Enough With Somebody
BOGOSS: Sexy Boys And Girls Know It
DJ ZEBRA: Blue Mondog
VIC: Michael83
SUGAMOTOR: Date with the coco shaker
MICHMASH: Intouchables

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