"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s5e29)

Playlist de l'émission du 18 mai 2012:

VOICEDUDE: Could You Be Deep
ROLF SCHRAA: Light My Fire Burnin It Up
MASH2MIX: Romantic Paradise
BEN DOUBLE M: So Not Over You
MIGHTY MIKE: Stayin' Underdog
G4GORILLA: In For The Murder
SOUNDHOG: whole lotta helter skelter
OKI: Blue Dog
RYAN NELLIS: Pumped Up Enough
PHIL RETROSPECTOR: Sinead O Connor Headlines
THE BOOTLEAGUE: Icarus That I Used To Know
OKI: I'm Funky & I Know It
TOM HAGGEN: Girls Just Want To Have an Extraball
TOM HAGGEN: Je suis venu te dire que je reviens

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"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s5e28)

Playlist de l'émission du 11 mai 2012:

DJ ZEBRA: Check the rage out 

LOO & PLACIDO: Jet Boys 
DJ BC: Ladies Do Love Me 
RILLEN RUDI: Territorial sure shot 
DJ ZEBRA: Voodoo Shot 
DJ MOULE: Black Sabotage 
DJ BC: Let it Beast 
COLDPLAY: You Gotta Fight for Your Right To Party (Cover) 
DJ ZEBRA: Initials B(eastie) B(oys) 
RM CUTT: So What Your EPro Want 
MICK JAMES: So What'cha Want... A Parade 
DRA'MAN: Love me like a Beastie boy 
LOBSTERDUST: Brooklyn Rocks 
ULTRA 396: Intergalactic Friends (ElectroSound re-edit) 
MR JIM: Intergalactic crash 
EARWORM: Intergalactic Human 
DJ ZEBRA: Mission Sabotage 
FISSUNIX: Impossible Shot 
SIR LEMMING: 3 MC's and 29 Ghosts 
DJ BC: A Day in The Life of A Beastie Boy 
LOU KOLB: Beastie Louise

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