"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s6e04)

Playlist de l'émission du 05 octobre 2012:

DJ MIKE A: Rumor Put A Smile On Your Face
FISSUNIX: Back in the Sound
FLASHARD: 1996 Payphone
TOM HAGGEN: Girls Just Want To Have an Extraball
LOO & PLACIDO: Dancers On The Storm
DJ SCHMOLLI: California Chili Friends
LOO & PLACIDO: Music Lives Forever
ELOCNEP: We Will Dance Like K'naan To The Kings Of Rock
ELOCNEP: When Skrillex Is In SF He Leaves The Shoes At The Doors
ELOCNEP: Adele Battles With The 212
DJ PRIME MIX: Won't You Be Somebody That I Used To Know
SEBWAX: Requiem pour Coldplay

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