"P comme Pirate" Radio Show (s5e20)

Playlist de l'émission du 17 février 2012:

MIGHTY MIKE: Kiss my basket
COMAR: Passenger with Butterfly Wings
RILLEN RUDI: Give it all alan
DRA'MAN: Sex & Drugs & Fire
DJ SCHMOLLI: American Generation
CHOCOMANG: I want to Kiss a Dog
DRA'MAN: Rolling in the blame
FISSUNIX: Communication Sedated
MARKYBOY: Fergie Is A Punk Rocker
MICHMASH: Blitz Rock
G4GORILLA: Marriage of convenience
RILLEN RUDI: The last pissing resort
CHOCOMANG: Jesus Christ Hates to Say
CHOCOMANG: Hong Kong Colours
CHOCOMANG: Porcherie du Mekong

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